Pangong Sightseeing

Pangong Lake
Pangong LakeThe famous and glowing blue Pangong lake is located in the Himalayas, nearly at the height of 4355 meters. It is 125 km long and spread from India to Tibet, where 60% of the pangong attraction lake lies. The Pangong Lake freezes completely at the time of winters in spite of its salinity. The Pangong Tso lake has been a Ser Bhum Tso Resort sightseeing since a very long time and has earned further recognizing after being a 'hot-spot' for many film shoots, apart from being an important for anyone travelling to Leh. Best time to visit Pangong Lake in June to September. This is the best Pangong sightseeing near Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong Hotel.
Pangong Lake is home to many roaming birds in summer and one can witness abundant ducks and gulls "surfing". Due to the salty water the lake does not support amphibious life other than some ocean bugs called shellfish by oceanographers. Some are luck to spot a kiang which is a wild ass or a marmot a brownish rodent. There are pangong attractions two small river from the Indian side that form the wetlands and marshes at the edges. It is the charm of the flawless blue waters that embezzle the tourist's consideration the most. The peacefulness and calmness of this place is the tourist's paradise. Pangong Lake is famous all among the best places to visit in pangong.

Shooting Point at Pangong Lake
Shooting Point at Pangong LakeThis is also one of the best Pangong attraction where many Bollywood movies films shot. Although there are large places to long at the ever-changing lake-scapes, one specific sand spit enclosing a mini-lagoon draws large number of visitors. Entitled 'Shooting Point', it was used as a film set for the 2009–10 Bollywood hit The 3 Idiots Shooting point at Pangong lake. The trivial waters here take on an almost South Pacific tone of turquoise. It's about 5km west of Spangmik if you ride along waterfront tracks, though it's somewhat accessible to take the longer main road near Lukung then drive 1.5km to the lake from differing the Changla Queen Cottages. Shooting point at Pangong lake is nearest to the Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong Hotel.

Merak Pangong
Merak PangongThe most real village on Pangong Tso Lake, Merak Pangong is backed by an indented extent of mountain peaks and is itself an interesting network of grey stone walls. Part of the pangong attraction (and challenge) of a visit is the appealing but sometimes difficult drive to get there. The road is a very uneven track, in places running right beside the lake's blue-green waters, but in others bridge fords that can be deep and hazardous, particularly on summer afternoons due to the quantity of melt water from the hills high above. Don't try to drive it after dark when the route can be tough to follow. Merak Pangong near there are many Pangong Tents but the weather will be very cold you can't stay in Pangong camps.

Tangtse Meadows Pangong
Tangtse Meadows PangongFor about 23km beyond Tangtse Meadows Pangong towards Pangong Tso, the road purses a traveling stream that builds ponds and juicy green meadows. These contrast very appealingly with the starkly dry geological magic of the flanking valley.
Occasionally you'll come across fastened yaks waiting patiently along the roadside, waiting for travelers to pose with them for a small photography fee.

Tangtse Gompa Pangong
Tangtse Gompa PangongThe vast plurality of tourists zipping between Leh and Pangong Tso Lake ride straight past this small but actively colourful monastery, home to the magical 'talking statue' of Kyoba Rimpoche. Built into a rock-cleft below a fortress ruin, the site is just 300m off the main road, but basically invisible as you pass.
To reach the Tangtse Gompa Pangong there's a well-signed approach lane around 3km beside the police checkpoint in Tangtse Gompa Pangong. For a good view of the monastery from below, ride through Tangtse rather than easily following the main traffic around the bypass, and walk a little over the dzo meadow at the base of the hill. These area the top 5 Pangong attractions near Ser Bhum Tso Pangong Resort which you should must visit. You can also prefer the pangong travel guide, if you are visiting for the first time.

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  • What Customers are Saying

    "Magical phenomenon of a blessed village..... Beautiful scenic view of Pangong Lake from front rooms will make you feel like a dream series from a movie!"

    - Aditya, Mumbai
  • What Customers are Saying

    "Literally it was shivering cold near Pangong lake, I am so lucky that I got room in this hotel. It is the only constructed hotel in Spangmik. Outside it was 15 degree Celsius so it was better stay in hotel instead of camps."

    - Virat, Pune