The Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong in Spangmik is among the best accommodation in Spangmik that offers 20 rooms.

About Us

The Ser Bhum Tso Resort offers finest hospitality services to the guests with the experience of staying near or in front of Pangong Lake.


The Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong Hotel in Spangmik is the most amazing and warm accommodation that has 20 rooms for comfortable accommodation.


Check out Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong tariff. This Hotel offers 20 rooms with all modern facilities and Amenities.


Check out the Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong Facilities and Amenities which will definitely amaze you such as hot bag while sleeping time and many more.

Pangong Sightseeing

Some of the best tourist places to visit near Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong are shooting point at Pangong, Merak Pangong, Tangtse meadows Pangong etc.

Pangong Temperature

You get detail information about the Pangong Temperature and Pangong Lake Temperature. We have provided the Minimum and Maximum Temperature so that would be easy to understand.


Find out the Spangmik's Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong location and address in the Google Map. You can also check out distance from Leh, Pangong etc.


Check out the Ser Bhum Tso Resort Pangong Photos gallery. Check out the Ser Bhum Tso Resort's Rooms, Bathroom, Pangong Lake View, Restaurant etc.

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If you have any inquiry regarding Ser Bhum Tso Resort Booking and Ser Bhum Tso Resort Hotel rooms then contact to us, we will get to you within an hour.

  • What Customers are Saying

    "Magical phenomenon of a blessed village..... Beautiful scenic view of Pangong Lake from front rooms will make you feel like a dream series from a movie!"

    - Aditya, Mumbai
  • What Customers are Saying

    "Literally it was shivering cold near Pangong lake, I am so lucky that I got room in this hotel. It is the only constructed hotel in Spangmik. Outside it was 15 degree Celsius so it was better stay in hotel instead of camps."

    - Virat, Pune